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Shado Magazine

Editorial Illustrations

Editorial pieces for Shado Mag for the second issue themed "Global Womxmhood", which bring together stories from women in over 36 countries.

Illustrations I made to support the insightful and empowering writing piece by Annaís Berlim "the rise of Bolsonaro and how the feminist fight back". An article eye-opening on the situation in Brazil, especially the issues faced by women and LGBTQ. A really important piece especially for people who don't know well what's happening there.


Shado is a collective and an online & print magazine amplifying the voices of those at the frontline of political, social and cultural change. 
Shado stands for See. Hear. Act. Do, and provides a space for the co-existence of people across different disciplines who are all working to spotlight issues faced by those at the margins of global society, in order to change negative perceptions and allow for new narratives to be formed.


Editorial Illustrations

For Shado Mag | 2019

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